The Narnia Tag!

Hey book lovers! Are any of you Narnia fans! I’m going to be doing a Narnia tag today!

Thanks to Maya Joelle for nominating me! The people I’m nominating:

A. L. Darley, The Riddle Weaver, Treasured Script, The Benefield Bookmark, Liv for Him


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Describe the rate of your Narnia fanatic (nostalgic, serious, maniacal)
  • Answer the questions below
  • Tag 5+ bloggers
  • Have fun!

Rate your level of Narnia lover:

01. Nostalgic Fanatic — you read the book and/or watched the movies as a child and the word Narnia gives you a warm feeling

02. Serious Fanatic — you rediscovered the wonder of Narnia after you were older and have read the books and watched the movies

03. Maniacal Fanatic — you have lived Narnia from childhood, hid in closets on more occasions than is healthy, have read and watched all the movies including the BBC version

Ok, so I’d say I’m right between a serious Fanatic and a Maniacal Fanatic. I have seen one of the BBC Narnia movies… and all of the Disney ones. So… yeah. Oh, and I read the whole series like more than five times… Narnia was basically my whole childhood.


1 – Who’s your favorite Pevensie sibling?

Oh boyyy I mean like… all of them???

To be real though, Edmund all the way. They are all fantastic characters, but Edmund’s character arc. Is. Incredible. When I was little, I was obsessed with the Pevensie girls, but now… Edmund. The quote when Edmund was talking to Eustace and said “Even a traitor can mend. I knew one who did once.” Or something like that, sorry if that’s not exact. That just hit me so hard. Yeah. Edmund all the way.

2 – What is the most underrated Narnia book?

Honestly, I would say the Last Battle is the most underrated, but honestly, I don’t really like it all that much either. It’s just a little too out there and doesn’t fit with the rest of the series. So, I guess I would say, The Silver Chair. It’s just so good and the characters and plot are great. People tend to read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and forget about the rest of the series, and they are all really so good.

3 – Who is your favorite Narnian King?

Besides Edmund? Caspain. He’s pretty awesome, and his adventures always fascinated me so much. His whole relationship arc with Edmund is pretty fascinating too. I will say, though, I didn’t like the whole Caspain-Susan thing going on in the movies.

4 – Who is your favorite Narnian Queen?

Lucy! She’s so kind and loving and yeah. She’s amazing. She’s so brave in such an innocent way and yeah. I just can’t stop loving her.

5 – Which non-human Narnian do you like best?

Uhhh. Aslan??? How is this a question???

Besides Aslan, I really liked Reepicheep (duh, he is awesome), Mr. Tumnus, and Bree and Hwin.

6 – Which book deserves a movie?

All of them. Each and every one. But if I had to pick one, The Horse and His Boy. Because it’s such a good story, and it works well on it’s own, so even people who aren’t Narnia fans could conceivably watch it and love it. It’s just such a great story.

7 – What is the one thing you did as a Narnia fan that you do not regret?

I picked up archery. Not kidding. When I was like eleven or so, I had a fierce obsession with Susan. I wanted to be her. So, when I went to summer camp and saw archery as one of the activity options, I thought, Oh! Susan has a bow and arrows. She’s pretty awesome. I should do that!

And so, I did that. And now I’m still obsessed with archery, just not as much and as more of a hobby. Do not regret it for a second. Though, I don’t regret anything I did as a Narnia fan.


Anyhow, that’s all for today, I hope this entertained you and if you would like to do this tag even if I didn’t tag you, feel free to! I’d love to see your answers!

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